SCADA Systems

As a conveyor system becomes more complex 

 it becomes vital to the continued running of the 

 system that the operator can detect and rectify 

 problems quickly.


On small systems this can be carried out by using 

 indicator lights or HMIs. But on large systems 

 the amount of data available to the operator 

 becomes too large for even a large HMI.


 At this point a Supervisory Control And Data 

 Acquisition (SCADA) system must be used.


 This usually takes the form of a PC that is able 

 to collect all the data from the PLC, such as drive 

 and emergency stop states and show this on a 

 pictorial view of the conveyor system.


The SCADA is also able to provide the operator with an easy method 

of selecting many varied control inputs such as starting and stopping 

the system, lane selection, merge priority settings and data input to 

the PLC.


The SCADA PC can also be networked to the clients Warehouse

 Management System (WMS) to provide routing information to the 

PLC so that loads can be routed to the desired destination.


For more details on SCADA Systems and how they might help your

system please contact us.