Below is a short list of completed projects. This is just a sample of the experience held by PureLogic Controls Limited.


Panasonic (Northampton) - Pallet conveyor, crane interfaces, box sorter system

Hafele UK (Rugby) - Pallet & tote conveyor, crane interfaces

Spicers Limited (Cambridge) - Pallet conveyor, crane interfaces

Heathrow T5 - Baggage Handling

Swish UK - High speed box sorter, tote picking system

Cromwell Tools (Leicester) - Tote picking and sortation

Nisbets (Avonmouth) - Tote picking and sortation

M.S.D. (Newcastle) - Pallet conveyor, A.G.V and crane interfaces

Cadbury (Minworth) - Pallet conveyor, A.G.V and crane interfaces

J.C.B. (Atherstone) - Pallet conveyor

Next - Box conveyor

Arcadia (Milton Keynes) - Tote/Box conveyor and sortation

Avon Cosmetics (Corby & Northampton) - Tote conveyor and high speed sorter.

Adidas (Stockport) - Tote/Box conveyor

Sun Microsystems (Edinborough) - Free flow & pallet conveyor

Compaq (Glasgow) - Pallet conveyor

Boots (Nottingham) - Tote conveyor