PureLogic Controls Limited has the experience of many years in the controls industry. This expertise can be divided into two main areas.


Conveyor Control

Conveyor system controls can be varied and extremely complex. From small transport systems to large full pick and replenishment tote systems.

Pallet, box or tote conveyors. Live roller, accumulation, free-flow or belt conveyors. Transfers, diverts and merges. Barcode or RFI routing.

PureLogic Controls Limited has the experience to provide a bespoke PLC control solution that is tailored to each system requirement.


SCADA System

 As systems get more complex a supervisory control and data acquisition computer is needed. 

PureLogic Controls Limited is able to provide a SCADA system based on WinCC, Wonderware Intouch or Omron to enable you to collect

all diagnostic information, control and maintain your system to its full potential.